In This Sign You Shall Conquer

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 Father Trincado 

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In the Epistle of today is the phrase that became the epitaph Archbishop Lefebvre: tradidi quod et accepi, I conveyed what I received. Monsignor providential mission was, in fact,always keep the faith and transmitting it to the faithful in the most serious crisis in the history of the Church.

He said in the Sermon at the Consecration of Bishops: The Life of Our Lord, which ye have need to go to Heaven, is disappearing everywhere in the Conciliar Church [which]still some roads that are not Catholics roads. Simply lead to apostasy ... Far from me to set myself up in Pope. I am nothing more than a bishop of the Catholic Church continues to transmit the doctrine. Tradidi quod et accepi. I think ... you can record on my tombstone these words of St. Paul: tradidi quod et accepi, "I convey what I got" ... I'm the mailman carrying a letter. Not me who wrote this letter, this message, this word of God is He, our Lord Jesus Christ. And we passed through ... all those who believed it a duty to resist this wave of apostasy in the Church, always keeping the faith and transmitting it to the faithful.

Then I will read excerpts from a lecture given by Archbishop Lefebvre about six months after his death (this makes it especially important because it is like a last will statement):

The problem is still very serious and ... not to minimize it. It is what we must answer[who] ask whether the crisis is ending, if it would be possible to have an authorization for our liturgy, our sacraments. Certainly the question of the liturgy and the sacraments is very important, but more important is that of the Faith For us the issue is resolved, as we have faith as ever, the Council of Trent, the Catechism of St. Pius X , of all councils and all the popes prior to Vatican II, in a word, the Faith of the Church.

But what about Rome? Perseverance and stubbornness in the misconceptions and the serious errors of Vatican II still stand. Is clear. We should have no illusions.'re Carrying out a very strong fighter. We should not doubt or fear.

Some would come back together yet with Rome, with the Pope. I would do ... if they were in the tradition and continue the task of all the popes of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century. But they themselves (the current popes) acknowledge that they have taken a new path, that Vatican II opened a new era. Satan is fighting against the City of God. How do you solve this? It is the secret of God, a mystery. But not to worry, we have confidence in the grace of the Good Lord.

That we have to fight against the ideas currently in vogue in Rome, where the Pope expresses, is clear. We fight [against them] because they merely repeat the opposite of what the Popes have said and said solemnly for a century and medium. Must we choose.'s what I told the Pope Paul VI.We are forced to choose between you and the Council on the one hand, and their predecessors on the other. Who should we follow? What predecessors who have affirmed the doctrine of the Church or follow the novelties of Vatican II affirmed by you?

We should not doubt for a minute. Those who are betraying us ... say you have to be charitable, to have good feelings, you have to avoid divisions. Dan out to those who destroy the Church, who have ideas modernists and liberals, although they are condemned by the Church. They do the devil's work. They are in a dead end because you can not shake hands with the modernists and at the same time retain tradition. Was that what killed the Christianity of Europe.'s The liberals who have allowed you to install the Revolution precisely because they have reached out to those who had no principles.

You have to choose. We have chosen to be counter-revolutionaries, [be]against modern errors, being in and defend Catholic Truth. This struggle between the Church and the liberal modernists is the fight in which we find as a result of Vatican II. The more you analyze the documents of Vatican II and the interpretation given by the authorities of the Church, but one realizes not just about some mistakes ... but actually, from aperversion of the spirit.'s a totally different conception of Revelation, Faith and Philosophy, is a total perversion.

We have nothing to do with these people, because we have nothing in common with them. The battle we fight is that of our Lord, continued by the Church. We can not doubt: either we are with the Church or are against it, we're not this conciliar Church is increasingly less in common with the Catholic Church.

Dear faithful God grant us stay the course, firm in the full Catholic faith as worthy sons of Archbishop Lefebvre. May each of us, every priest, every father and every mother Catholic Resistance, to say at the end of his life, quod et accepi tradidi, have conveyed the true faith I received. Through the intercession of Our Lady, so be it.