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3 weeks of Conferences relating to the crisis in the Church and the present crisis within the SSPX

The SSPX-mc priests (Frs. Pfeiffer and Hewko) and approx. 7 seminarians are coming to Post Falls Idaho for three weeks to help build the apostolate and mission in the Northwest area.  Between the many Masses and Weekly Conferences, they have a very active schedule between visiting and knocking on doors in the regional areas to different traditional religious congregations including the tenants of sedevacantists, FSSP, nouvs ordos, and as many Catholics, with an active mission of the Church helping others to see God, understand the crisis in the suffering human part of the Church, the crisis in the SSPX that effects everyone, while centering our focus on our Crucified Lord; the epicenter of our beautiful Catholic Faith.

In the other aspects of their time, and Divine Offices, they will be help in the building of the large new chapel being built.

It is extraordinary we have some priests and generous seminarians wanting to help build the Church in the footsteps of St. Paul when there are so many other Catholic bishops and priests comfortable where they are and essentially tearing down the Church through negligence; hence the crisis in the Church our Lady of La Salette conveyed with tears.

So please mark your calendars – come, thirst, learn, participate in this apostolate.  A bee hive of activity in and around Catholic thought from many informative Conferences and sanctification of the Church in her true missions the Apostles taught the priests to labor in the vineyards.  Our Lord gives us His missionary example even pinned on the Cross looking across the horizon seeing the multitude of souls in all generations, saying “I thirst…” Such is His desire for souls.

Moreover, fun is a very Catholic thing.  Imagine our Lord who is perfect everything…how much fun He had.

If there are any helpers to accommodate any meals or casseroles for their stay in these three weeks would be greatly appreciated.  As well as any donations can be sent to Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer, OLMC Seminary – 1730 N. Stillwell Rd. Boston, KY  40107  to help alleviate their costs of travel and rebuilding the missions of the Catholic Church in the Northwest area the Catholic missionary Fr. Pierre-Jean DeSmet knew all too well converting the native Indians and inhabitants in the greater Coeur d’alenes’.

The future is in the hands of our generosity to God.

The dates of Sunday Masses and Conferences are:

Sunday July 8  –        ?       –  Conference following

Location:  3327  W.  Lark Ave.  Post Falls, Idaho


Sunday July 15  –  10:am  –  Conference following

Location:  3327  W.  Lark Ave.  Post Falls, Idaho


Sunday July 22  –  10:am   –   Conference following

Location:  3327  W.  Lark Ave.  Post Falls, Idaho


Sunday July 29   –      ?     –   Conference following

Location:  3327  W.  Lark Ave.  Post Falls, Idaho


** The times of the other Masses and conferences will be published when the airline itinerary is finalized.

The Weekly Conference dates and times are:

Friday, July 13  –  Holy Mass @ 6:00pm  –  Conference follows

Location:  3327  W.  Lark Ave.  Post Falls, Idaho


Friday, July 20  –  Holy Mass @ 6:00pm  –  Conference follows

Location:  3327  W.  Lark Ave.  Post Falls, Idaho


** For a complete daily mass schedule, please refer to the tab – Traditional mass times – here

2018 Ignatius Retreat Schedule

for Women and Men

(All are welcome)

Men's Retreat: July 2-7 & October 1-6 2018

to register please contact [email protected]


Cost of the Conferences is whatever financial donation you can afford. If you cannot afford to make a donation, the Fathers encourage you to attend regardless of inability to pay.

If you wish to attend, please email the following information to [email protected]:

Name, Age, Address, Phone Number, Email Address

Please make certain you may be reached within a reasonable amount of time at the email or phone number you provide.

(602) 469-4469 for assistance.

Mass Schedule Updates

Mass in Boston, KY
July 22 at 10 am
1730 N. Stillwell Rd.
Boston, KY  40107

July 22 at 3 pm
6001 Old Hickory Blvd.
Apt. 350
Hermitage, TN  37076


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May the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Sacred Heart of Jesus protect you and grant you many graces.


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